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The services I offer

The different services I offer are listed below. Contact me for availability and pricing.

Free photo session for individuals and shelters

We can make the photo-shoot either indoors or outdoors. Two weeks after the session I will give you 4 processed digital pictures of your dog and both of us will have the right to use these photographs.

Fine-art portfolio (example)

The photo-shoot can be either at a studio or at your favorite location. One week after the session you will get:

  • 2 fine-art DIN-A4 photo prints
  • 5 high resolution processed photographs
  • A permanent on-line exclusive gallery for your dog

Breeder portfolios (example)

The place and the type of the session are set to meet the needs of each different kennel. Some examples are:

  • Puppies for adoption: photographs are delivered 3 days after the session
  • Portfolio of dogs: 4 high resolution digital copies and 1 printed copy per dog

Groomers (example)

The session is done without time constrains to give you time to properly prepare the dogs. One session can cover up to 5 dogs. Selection and re-touching can be done together in order to really showcase the groomer's work.

  • For each dog I will deliver 2 high resolution digital copies
  • I will also deliver 4 DIN-A3 fine-art prints

For catalogs

Together we will select the most appropriate setup in order to showcase the specific product. I will deliver the number and type of the photographs that you need for each case.

Contact me

My name is Kyriakos Stavrou and I live in Barcelona together with my 3 dogs, Avra, Evis and the little Rea who unfortunately moved to heaven.


My dog, Miniature Schnauzer Rea My dog, Shih Tzu Evis My dog, Shih Tzu Avra


Kyriakos Stavrou

Barcelona, Spain

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+34) 680-900-506



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